Outsourcing Service

In these Covid-19 days, “adapt and innovate” has become the new mantra. Whether we like it or not, legal service delivery is going to change. There will be a demand that legal services be more economical, more technology enabled, more quick and effective. It is in this context that outsourcing of work, to safe and experienced hands is ideal. We who are lawyers from a common law system, like the US, UK, Singapore, with English as the primary language of our education, offer you our expertise in providing you with quick, confidential and high quality service in the areas of-


● Document review and processing,

 ● Litigation support,

 ● Vetting and drafting of contracts,

 ● Due diligence,

 ● Legal writing,

 ● Preparing drafts of briefs,

 ● Appeals and representations and

 ● Patent application

What do individual lawyers and firms gain by outsourcing?

Lawyers are busy people with time always in short supply. For most cases, time is of essence, and clients want immediate attention to their matter. Lawyers spend a sizable amount of time analysing documents, collecting information, reading through precedents, drafting nuances of contracts, preparing opinions and briefs or working out a good patent application. You would be much better off if you have others taking up this responsibility and you doing the final vetting and approval, at least in some of the matters you handle. Your work would be much simplified when you have documents and research notes sent to you, highlighted, extracted and analysed. This is where we come in, putting up a draft or note to you, prepared by a qualified, experienced hand and quality controlled by a US/UK educated lawyer. All this at a fraction of the cost to you and more importantly on the date agreed between you and us that is your service provider. How does Outsourcing work with us: Sky Legal would be your “service provider” for all your outsourced work. Every outsourcing entity would enter into a contract and a Non-Disclosure Agreement with the service provider. The service provider would have a non-disclosure agreement signed with each of the resource assigned to the outsourcing work. Confidentiality would be of utmost importance. Your work can be sent through email. When needed, details could be discussed over a call. The nature of submission and the time lines and the proposed number of hours would be agreed. We assure you of an attractive fee structure for the work done. Every work would be quality controlled and vetted by one of our partners before submission. Submission on the agreed date would be top priority.

Your one point of contact in Sky Legal would be Harvard Law qualified Ajit Joy, Partner, an Advocate in the High Court of Kerala at Cochin, enrolled with the Bar Council Kerala, India.

Contact: Ajit Joy, LL.M, Partner Sky Legal, email: legal @skylegal.net